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Popcorn words game show

I’m still learning 5 new popcorn words every week. I played a game show where I had to name different words which was fun.

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GoPro soccer

Daddy has a new video camera called a GoPro. He put it on a helmet on his head and then filmed us playing soccer. It didn’t make Daddy any better at soccer cos I still scored lots of goals.

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Drawing a pumpkin

I drew a pumpkin before school. I think it’s pretty good and Daddy agreed.IMG_3462.JPG


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Washing the car

I’ve been asking Daddy for ages to wash his car. Finally it was a good day – sunny and warm. I got to scrub with soap, cover the car in goo, and wash everything off with water.IMG_3452.JPG






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Putting up the Christmas tree

I helped put up the Christmas tree this year and decorate it. I think it’s looking pretty good.






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Making stuff for Thanksgiving

At school we learned about Thanksgiving – about the native Americans and the pilgrims. I made a native American hat, and an old fashioned musical instrument.



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Reading words

My reading is getting better and better. I’ve learned 30 popcorn words now, by practicing every night. And now I can read some books.

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Popcorn words

I’m starting to learn to read with popcorn words. I practice my words every night. I learn 5 new words every week and I’m getting pretty good. The funniest word I’ve learned so far is “but”.

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Incredible Hulk costume

For Halloween I dressed up as the Incredible Hulk. I went trick-or-treating at the mall and got loads of candy (which Daddy and Evan are helping me eat). I also got to play some games at Dave & Busters where we won lots of tickets and picked out some prizes.

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